Upgraded GST360 Blog

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We are proud to announce the launch of the NEW Global Success Team Blog for  Members in Australia, New Zealand and the world. Simply enter www.GST360.com and you are onto the best resource to build a successful global business. Australians, Kiwis (from NZ) and a few others typically have “cultural differences” from the American mode […]

Networking and Personality Types

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Download the Personalities Colour Chart to read along with this post. Thanks to Stephen Hemsley for putting this info together. As the business of network marketing is all about relationships I thought the attached documents may help you understand a good way to approach people about your opportunity. The personality types document refers to real […]

Attitude is Everything – The Four Agreements

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Attitude is Everything In a training provided to me many years ago by a very astute Network Marketer, I was given the following advice. In order of importance, to build a business, should be the following. Attitude – How you view the business, product, company, upline etc Activity – Prospecting, presenting and asking for business […]

Did You Know 4.0

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So you think you know what’s happening in the world…? Then watch this! If you want your business or product to impact others then your MUST embrace Social Media. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mf9c_2hn5CE[/youtube]

AICDA – The Copywriters Magic Formula

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We spoke about how people seem to have the attention span of a Gnat these days in the post titled The Attention Span Of A Gnat…How To Overcome It. But that isn’t really a fair indictment on all people (including me) who might resent being associated with a Gnat. What really happens is that we […]

Here’s Some Good Advice from Snopes

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1) Check the Validity of the Content Check any suspect virus alert on www.snopes.com and www.truthorfiction.com to determine whether it is true or false. 2) Don’t Ever Forward Emails to Everyone on your Contact List Any time you see an email that says forward this on to ‘ 10 ‘ (or however many) of your friends, […]