Invite ALL Your Contacts to Take a Look at Your Business

  • Collect a list of everyone you know (electronically is best so you can copy & paste)
  • Profile them into categories like Friends, Family, Workmates, Sports, Church, Acquaintances etc
  • Groups them into Hot, Warm, Cool, Cold so you know which ones to contact first. And some will also be frozen (ignored)
  • If you think you don't know anyone then look in your phone's contact list.
  • Most people now have over 500 phone numbers in their smartphone contacts.
  • Do NOT prejudge anyone. Let THEM make the decision if it is right for them.
  • Include their Name, Email, Phone, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc
  • Call, email, text or PM EVERYONE on the list andĀ  invite them to visit YOUR SupaClix website
  • Select an appropriate Text, Post or Email from the samples that have shown to work
  • Send something to every one of them. Send multiples to the hot ones so they do not miss your message.
  • Phone the important ones immediately. Unless you are confident I suggest you do that with your sponsorĀ  on a 3-way call.

Use Your SupaClix Funnel

  • Direct everyone to YOUR SupaClix landing page. That way everyone sees the same message and makes the followup easier.
  • Ask them to watch the short intro video then put their name, email and mobile into the form.
  • This allows them to proceed to the full info page to get ALL the info they need to make an educated decision.
  • Tell them that they will get an email confirming their details and a link to the information page so they can return at any time.
  • After they have reviewed the online presentation they will decide if the business is for them or not.
  • You are initially ONLY looking for the early adopters (those who take up the offer early)
  • If they are NOT initially interested in the business then the fallback option is they could become a customer.
  • Look for business partners (associates) and you will find customers.
  • This way you will always have enough customers in your business.

Sharing Your SupaClix Site on Social Media

  • Click the Share buttons on YOUR SupaClix website to automatically post an update to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.
  • The share button is encoded with YOUR SupaClix site so your visitors are "cookied" (linked) to you.
  • You can alternatively manually post a Status Update to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc with your SupaClix website with a simple invitation message
  • Post something like "I just joined this and am looking for others who want to go green make some good cash" OR "Take a few minutes to watch this and it could change your life."
  • Choose from the sample Texts, Tweets & Posts and Sample Emails and send what you think might be appropriate.
  • Do a status update every other day for 2 weeks (vary the short message if possible). This is because many people don't see your updates every time. Often it scrolls off the page, never to be seen again.

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