How to Maintain Health in a Modern Life

(or How to Remain Healthy and Live to Over 100)

"In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy." - Albert Szent-Györgyi

Dr Robyn Cosford MD - Principal, Northern Beaches Care Centre (NBCC) interviewed by Stephen Hemsley BSc - Pharmacist, Wellness Educator

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Health, Nutrition, Fat Loss & Wellness

Wellness is a gift! Treat it with respect. You will miss it dearly when you lose it.

For more than 30 years Glenn Bolton sought out scientifically validated and effective health & wellness products, services and programs.

He consulted with highly respected professionals in their respective fields and drawn extensively upon their research and experience.

He found some products and services that are the absolute leading edge of science and others that initially appeared to be a little hokey. Many have shown to be effective throughout the ages and have been adapted using the latest in health sciences.

The Seven Pillars of Wellness

After many years of consulting, trying to get people's health in order, Glenn Bolton developed "The Seven Pillars of Wellness"

Positively address all seven and you are well on the way to perfect health.

Slow Down Aging with Powerful Foods

For the last 30-40 years we have been told that we will find a cure for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue (and just about every other disease) in the "next few years".

The Pharmaceutical Paradigm Simply Does NOT work.

We need to reassess what we eat in order to regain our health & wellness.

Look back to how mother nature provided us with nourishment and simulate that.

But how do we do that in our modern society...?

When we can't get what we want from our food, we HAVE to supplement our diet with what's missing.

When Captain Cook sailed the Seven Seas he made a point of getting his sailors to consume limes on a daily basis in order to stop them getting Scurvy.

Cook knew there was "something" in the limes which provided resistance to Scurvy.

This is the reason why British sailors were nicknamed "Limeys".

We know today that we can REVERSE Scurvy by consuming Vitamin C.

So how come we have been "hoodwinked" into thinking that a deadly, debilitating, toxic pharmaceutical substances ("drugs") are going to reverse ANY other disease?

The Human Body Repairs Itself

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered. The point is to discover them. - Galileo Galilei

Over the last 10,000 years we have learned and forgotten an amazing amount of information, however, we have FINALLY come to realise...

Energy = Health

  • The Life Force (Qi or Chi) is controllable
  • Toxins or all kinds are damaging to human, animal & plant life
  • The Body Knows How to Repair Itself
  • The Cell is the Basic unit of the Body
  • Healthy Cells make Healthy Tissues
  • Healthy Tissues make Healthy Organs
  • Healthy Organs make Healthy Bodies
  • Cells "talk" to each other using "sugars" on the cell wall
  • The better the cells communicate, the healthier they will be
  • Essential Nutrients MUST be consumed DAILY for Optimum Health

Disruptive Technology

It's the same with ALL new discoveries.

First it's Ridiculed...
Then it's Opposed...
Then it's Accepted...
Then it's considered Self Evident.

They used to think the earth was flat... and now everyone knows otherwise.

LP records used to be the best thing... until CD's came along.

This is called "Disruptive Technology" and many new companies lead the pack in the nutraceutical industry with patented technologies.

NEW and DIFFERENT technologies abound... and they WORK.

The human psyche is resistant to change. But soon everyone will be saying "Oh, of course... I knew that all along..." hmm...

"Big Pharma" (pharmaceutical companies, the medical fraternity and governments) has a lot to protect.

Even though we all agree that a disease free society would be wonderful, without disease on the planet many industries would be out of business.

We need to shift our western society model from one of economic wealth to the model promoted by Bhutan to...

"Aspire to happiness before anything else."

Treating Symptoms is a Thing of the Past!

The "Cut (surgery), Burn (radiation), Poison (chemotherapy)" philosophy of the present medical establishment will be considered barbaric in 10 years.

Remember your history...

Repair & Regenerate

It has now been shown scientifically that we need to ingest micronutrients on a daily basis in order to protect your cells from attack by various bacteria & viruses.

They are responsible for the recognition and regulation of ALL functions of EVERY cell in your body.

Without them the systems fail and our body starts to rapidly degenerate.

Micronutrients perform a myriad of functions that we will probably never fully understand.

OUR goal is to find and promote those foods and substances that support and enhance our systems and show you how to avoid those substances that slow or block normal bodily functions.

Mother Nature Knows Best

For centuries we ate like hunter gatherers... but now we think we know better than mother nature.

The food chain is now depleted of essential nutrients because we pick fruits and vegetables before they are ripe ("Green Harvest"), we spray pesticides all over them, store them in toxic environments, process the goodness out of them then add preservatives, fillers, enhances, sugars and fats.

No Wonder We are Getting Sicker and Sicker!

We are STARVING and POISONING ourselves.

Our foods are getting more and more toxic AND it's getting less and less nourishing.

Because of our modern lifestyles our body's demand for essential nutrients has actually INCREASED.

We DO NOT develop deficiencies of DRUGS!

We CAN, however, develop deficiencies of ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS and an excessive burden of toxic substances.

What YOU Need to Do NOW!

Firstly you need to protect yourself from spurious radiation (from mobile phones, computers, TVs etc) otherwise the delicate balance of energy in your body will be upset. Think of it to be like trying to hear someone in a noisy environment.

If your body is swamped with radiation then the minute control signals passing around your body will get disrupted and distorted, leading to incorrect damage, poor health and disease.

Using Bioresonance devices (for energy harmonization & protection) will bring your body back to normal and give you a surge of energy.

Putting energy BioChips on all your electronic devices will kill the radiation at the source and wearing a personal energy BioPendant will protect and enhance your personal energy 24 hours per day.

Clean yourself, your house and work of all toxic substances.

Remove and reduce Toxicity and Stress from all areas of your life... especially from your body. The easiest way is to stop them before they get into your body.

Stop taking pharmaceutical drugs!

A pharmaceutical can only be registered if it can be proven to be toxic! Only use them when maintaining life is critical (such as you get hit by a car and need morphine to control pain).

Your body does NOT require ANY drug for maintenance!

A drug is a poisonous crutch that should ONLY be used while the danger of death or damage exists. Once the danger has passed, get off them as soon as possible and follow a detox program to remove their residual toxic effects.

We need clean, unpolluted, no toxin (no Fluoride) water.

We also need to shift our pH balance to Alkaline (7.365pH)

Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment!

Live and eat like a hunter-gatherer (or as close as possible). Supplement (fortify) if the activity or nutrient is missing or depleted.

You HAVE to ingest a diverse combination of locally sourced macronutrients in the form of FOOD (Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats).

They MUST be in balance with our genetic biology and be primarily derived from plants which includes nuts, seeds and wild grains.

The human diet also requires small amounts of lean, wild meats, eggs and oily fish. The proportions of each is highly dependent upon your metabolic type which is determined by your genetics AND environment.

Essential micronutrients protect our cells from attack by various bacteria & viruses, pollution, toxins and stress by reinforcing our immune system.

It has now also been scientifically shown that we need to ensure our foods contain massive amounts of Essential Glyconutrients, Essential Vitamins & Minerals, Essential Amino Acids and Essential Fatty Acids on a daily basis.

Without exercise and activity our skeletal and muscular systems break down so we must MOVE every day. We must walk at least 5 kilometers EVERY day to pump toxins from our bodies and lift heavy things in order to trigger our cells to rebuild themselves.

Going to a gym is a supplement for walking.

Taking dietary supplements is necessary if your diet is lacking in specific nutrients. Deciding which ones and how much you are lacking is the problem.

Finally we then need to create a global community of like minded individuals and groups to reinforce our ecology and environment. This in turn will enhance and reinforce the human spirit.

Only when you address ALL these factors will you have true wellness and live a long, healthy and prosperous life.

Start Your Journey Back to Wellness... Today!

Who do you know who would settle for anything less than the best of health if he or she had a choice?

No one, of course!

If someone offered you the freedom to enjoy optimum health, wouldn't you at least look into it?

One way we can get all the required nutrients into our diet is to supplement with functional wild foods (or high quality dietary supplements and beverages).

We have scoured the planet to find products and programs that exceed your expectations.

These products have been shown scientifically and anecdotally to bring about a new state of wellness and to fight or resist disease in mammals.

How to Earn Health, Wealth & Lifestyle!

I am a person who cares for my health and wellness and am prepared to help others.

In many cases we offer free information and advice but we don't do everything for nothing.

I was so overwhelmed by the effectiveness of some of the products that I was consuming that I rang all my friends to tell them about them. Some of them decided to buy them too.

Then the company that sold them to me started paying me more than I paid for the products as a thank you for finding more customers for them.

I now make more money sharing stories with friends and their friends (and helping them tell their stories) than I did in my regular job. So I left my regular job and my life improved dramatically.

My life is simply helping others do what I did. Get a better life through improved health and finances.

I guess that makes me a health, wealth & lifestyle consultant.

Maybe you want to be one too?

We are actively seeking individuals and organizations who share our wellness passion AND who wish to be financially rewarded for doing so.

We wish you well in your journey to optimum health while creating great wealth through helping others.

If this profile fits you then contact us immediately and we will connect you with the people and systems to make it happen.


Please read our disclaimer and note that Trius Technology may receive a consideration for any products or services purchased.

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