Following Up

Follow Up With Your SupaClix Visitors/Enquiries

  • YOU will get an email (with the visitor's details) every time a visitor has filled in and submitted the form on ANY of your SupaClix Landing Pages.
  • Give them an hour or so to review the information THEN CALL THEM to ask them what they want to do next.
  • If they have NOT reviewed the information then they are probably not that interested OR they are busy.
  • If they are truly too busy then ask them when it IS a good time to call them.
  • If they cannot commit to a time then they are probably not that interested.
  • Do NOT eliminate anyone. They might just be busy, may not have connected with the information or they are not an early adopter (someone who commits early in the life cycle of a product or service)

Use 3 Way Calls with Your Sponsor and Upline

The 3-way call is the best tool ever invented for novice marketers.

If you are new to making followup calls with prospects then get your sponsor or upline on the phone.

Put the call on hold and call your prospect. Push the 'Join' button and introduce your upline as the 'expert'.

Your upline may not be the actual expert but this shows your prospect that there is help from above.

By doing this you 'pass the trust baton' to someone other than you so your credibility is not reduced.

Your upline will (most likely) also has a lot more experience so you are getting a training session on how to answer questions and close sales.

Only Three Options

Be aware that there are only 3 options after your prospect has reviewed the information.

  • Do Something NOW - Get them started right away.
  • Do Something LATER - Ask questions! What do they need to learn? 
  • Do Nothing - Thanks, but no thanks! - Say Bye and move on to the next prospect.

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