Analytics & Metrics

Analytics & Metrics

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, and the problem is I do not know which half"
- Lord Leverhulme 1851-1925, British founder of Unilever and philanthropist.

With the advent of computers you can now see whether your marketing is actually working.

  • Send an email and see if it arrived, got opened and which link  got clicked.
  • A/B test which headline or colour got more clicks
  • Analyze your funnel and see when a visitor watched the video and subscribed on your page.
  • Watch which pages they visited and how long they stayed there.
  • There is now even software that tracks the movement of a visitor's mouse over your page.
  • Lastly they are testing software that tracks where your visitor's eyes went on your page.

YES! All that is now available.

Of course you may not need or want to pay for all that information right now.

But when your business grows big enough it may be just what you DO need.

And you will know whether it is paying for itself because you have tracked the investment against the return.

Track Everything You Do

Do NOT start marketing without tracking your results.

List and track as much as possible so you can determine whether it is viable or not.

  • Suspects => Prospects => Leads => Contacts => Customers => Associates => Leaders
  • Emails Delivered => Emails Opened => Links Clicked
  • Funnel Subscriptions => Subscriptions Converted
  • Phone Dials => Connects => Voicemails => Yes => No
  • Active Time => Admin Time => Income => Effective Hourly Rate
  • Work Time => Leisure Time => Family Time => Holidays

How else will you know whether what you are doing is working?

Metrics are very useful when trying to decide what NOT to do.

Share your metrics with your team leader or manager so they can help you improve your hit and closure rates.

Learn from your results and teach them to others and you can make a lot more money and have a lot of fun.

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