Uploading Software into Our Mental Hardware?

Good article on Personal Mental Attitude…
By John Abdo © 2010 Nightingale-Conant Corporation
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As a former strength and conditioning coach for numerous Olympic and professional athletes and teams, I know that when athletes pessimistically think about their weaknesses, failures, fears, or injuries; are intimidated by their competitors; or have the slightest […]

Technologies of Co-operation

Thanx to Stephen Hemsley for this great piece of insight…
I (Stephen) was doing a little “research” and found this little gem. I am sure this explains why the numbers of 360 are growing as they are. Have a read and you will understand what I mean.
How to use the information it […]

Survey reveals economic downturn the catalyst for new wave of entrepreneurism

One in Five Australians Self Employed

Sydney, May 10, 2010 – Australia’s economic downturn has forged a new generation of home-grown entrepreneurs, with one-in-five respondents describing themselves as ‘self-employed’, and of the rest, approximately half expressing a desire to work more independently, according to the latest survey from global workforce solutions leader Kelly Services.
The findings are […]

Can a Hacker Guess Your Passwords?

Strong passwords are the first line of defense against identity theft.
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We use passwords so often that it’s easy to lose sight of just how critical a password really is: one of the best defenses we have against cybercrime is often the one we take the least seriously.
After a hacking […]