Pyramid Schemes Masquerade as Direct Sellers

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Learn how to pick a Pyramid Scam or Ponzi Scheme from a real Direct Marketing or MLM business. Source: Moneyweb Source: GST Consumer commission (South Africa) investigates nine suspected pyramid schemes. There is a thin line, nowadays, between network marketing companies, or multi-level marketing companies, and pyramid schemes. Particularly where the former has a business model that […]

Is Higher Education A Giant Pyramid Scheme?

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Here’s the article that got BK Boreyko from Vemma into so much trouble. Published by Forbes magazine you would think it was OK to spread far and wide. BUT… Taken out of context and applied to a business? Telling university (college) students that uni is a scam is asking for trouble from authorities. Read it […]

Here’s Some Good Advice from Snopes

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1) Check the Validity of the Content Check any suspect virus alert on and to determine whether it is true or false. 2) Don’t Ever Forward Emails to Everyone on your Contact List Any time you see an email that says forward this on to ‘ 10 ‘ (or however many) of your friends, […]