Is Higher Education A Giant Pyramid Scheme?

Here's the article that got BK Boreyko from Vemma into so much trouble.

Published by Forbes magazine you would think it was OK to spread far and wide.


Taken out of context and applied to a business?

Telling university (college) students that uni is a scam is asking for trouble from authorities.

Read it yourself and make up your own mind.


Is Higher Education A Giant Pyramid Scheme?

Well, if you listen to Bill Hazelton, founder of, the answer is yes.

“Higher education in this country has turned into a giant pyramid scheme. With tuition prices exploding, students are graduating with $50,000, $100,000 and $200,000+ in student loan debt and can’t find jobs that could possibly support their loan payments, let alone their living expenses.  The math simply doesn’t work.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard about newly minted college grads with massive student loans and very few job prospects.  It’s horrifying to see,” says Hazelton.

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Here's the video of BK explaining how Vemma is NOT a scam.

Be ultra careful making any CLAIMS that cannot be substantiated by science, business or local laws.

Vemma Receiver's Report States:

The Temporary Receiver concludes that certain business activities prohibited by the Court’s  Temporary Restraining Order are taking place. Such activities include:
  • Paying compensation related to the purchase or sale of goods when the majority of such compensation is derived from sales to or purchases by persons who are Affiliates;
  • Misrepresenting or assisting others in misrepresenting that consumers who participate in a marketing program will receive or are likely to receive substantial income;
  • Furnishing materials to be used in recruiting new members and marketing programs that contain false or misleading representations.