AICDA – The Copywriters Magic Formula

We spoke about how people seem to have the attention span of a Gnat these days in the post titled The Attention Span Of A Gnat…How To Overcome It.

But that isn’t really a fair indictment on all people (including me) who might resent being associated with a Gnat. What really happens is that we get so many messages on a daily basis that it becomes impossible to view them all and we become very precious with our time. Hence we scan, we skim and we try to sort the “wheat from the chaff” as quickly as we can.

If something doesn’t jump out at us as being of importance…we move on very quickly. Hence the Gnat story.

So how do we attract attention and break through the clutter to get our message to more people?

AICDA – The Copy Writers Magic Formula

A good sales pitch, whether in person, print, website, letter, email, TV, video, radio… wherever, needs to do 5 things.

It must attract Attention, be Interesting, have Credibility, create Desire and prompt an Action …. AICDA.

On a web page or direct mail letter, that is what the headline does. On the radio its the load opening noise, sound or music that breaks the listens thoughts to get attention. Without attention, all is lost. The reader will not go deeper into the message to get to the heart of the sales pitch.

On your website, your landing pages are your key attention grabbers and must induce the reader to click through to another page or take some action such as signing up to receive a report or a newsletter subscription. Ideally the outcome is someone putting their hand up and saying “Hey, I’m interested…”. But be patient. Build a relationship. Digital marketing allows you to walk steadily to this point over time with minimal effort on your part.

Once you have their attention, you must give something that arouses interest. This could be many different things; a fantastic price, an offer of something free or a hint of an opportunity that will be revealed further on in the copy…an incentive to keep going.

Creating credibility is very important; a must. Provide testimonials, a case study or some reputable statistics that PROVE that what you are talking about is the truth. Third party testimonials will always be seen as carrying greater weight of course because of the perceived independence.

You must make the reader desire or want what you are offering. It could be a product or service that you want the prospect to desire or want to buy. You can achieve this by appealing to emotions, hint at how a problem will be solved or how life will be made better.

The reader must be prompted, urged, asked and convinced to take action. It is amazing how many otherwise fine sales pitches fumble at this crucial point. If you don’t give a prospect a reason to act, clear instructions on how to act and even ask them to act, they probably won’t.

One of the best ways is to put a strict time limit on your offer. Make them understand that they must act quickly to get your good deal, or lose out for ever.

AICDA And Digital Marketing
How did you find this article? Did you click on a link from an email marketing piece? Was it a link from another website page? Did it appear in a Google search and you clicked on the link?

All of these sources used the principles of getting your Attention and building Interest to the point where you wanted to read more. There is nothing really new here, but it is pitched in a slightly different way towards how to improve your digital marketing…your website, emails, social media; so you can produce better outcomes.

It is a fact that to achieve the full objective requires more words. And in this respect Long Copy out-sells Short Copy. So the big learning here is how to achieve the out comes of Long Copy but recognising that you must overcome the short attention spans that we all seem to suffer from these days.

Our objective here is to get you thinking and looking at how you could improve the results and hence you return on investment (ROI) form your digital marketing. When you need help, contact us who can show you how to implement these strategies into your business.

Source: X2 World