Discover How a Blog Can Create 88% More Website Leads than Your Competitors

Give your business a powerful competitive advantage which can shoot you up the search rankings and achieve more leads than your non-blogging competitors.

When suggesting a Blog to clients we usually get asked “What exactly is a blog?”, which gets followed by, “I don’t have time to play around with one of those” or “Where would I get the time and what would I write about?”

The first stop in deciding to create a company blog (after understanding exactly what it is of course) is to decide that it is a worthwhile strategy and that means understanding the WIIFM (what’s in it for me?). What’s the pay-off?

What Is A Blog?

Simply, it is just a tool that allows you to quickly and easily create and publish new content. Plus, it allows readers to leave feedback on that content and interact with the feedback from other readers.

A Blog is a Web 2.0 strategy. The 2.0 is just about the ability to engage and interact with people, compared with the original web concept which was an online brochure… you have moved on haven’t you?

The Pay-Off

1. Google Search – Google, in fact all search engines, places more emphasis on websites that have a growing and relevant content. Therefore you have a better chance of getting more web visitors if you add more content to your website…that is what a blog does.

2. Create Better Relationships – People do business with people they know and trust. A blog is a great way to achieve those outcomes on the web. Let people get to know you and your company. Offer value and people will return regularly. Over time, more and more people will contact you and become a lead or prospect. Then you have a chance of doing business with them.

3. Increased Online Lead Generation – businesses that have a blog and regularly publish new content will generate more new business leads than businesses that don’t blog. But don’t take my word for it, the following research by HubSpot shows an 88% and 67% increase in new leads for company’s that have a Blog.

The good news is that the statistics show that lead generation is substantially higher for both B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) company’s, making it a universal best practice strategy for internet or web marketing.

4. Improved Search Engine Results – The search engines apply ratings to websites and they favour certain elements over others. If your website can have more of the favourable elements, then it stands a better chance of appearing on the coveted “Page 1 of Google”. A blog helps in 2 key areas:

That’s a massive benefit! A website that is rarely ever updated and has no new content being added gives no reason for any search engines to come back and index pages. Your competitors who do Blog will get an advantage in the search rankings.

Another big factor in search engine rankings is links from other websites and blogs to your website. As the above chart shows, businesses that blog get much higher results.

What’s The Point Again?

Marketing is a science. It is measurable and you can try things, find out what works, tweak, improve and do more of what gets results.

The charts above from HubSpot’s research provide compelling evidence that you should be thinking seriously about a Blog for your business. If you have one, then think about how you can improve it and get better results.

It should be integrated with your website so that it adds value to your web domain name and in some cases could be a standalone website.

Getting a Blog

Why not get in touch with us and find out how your marketing could be boosted by adding a Blog or improving your current Blog?

One of our professional digital marketing Partners would love to talk you through the process and identify how it would work for your particular business.

Source: X2 World