Poor Countries Do More When It Comes to Saving Forests

sequesterers of carbon

Richer countries like Brazil fall short when combating climate change

Source: Scientific American Climatewire

sequesterers of carbonTropical forest giants Brazil and Indonesia made less ambitious climate commitments than the war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo and other smaller, poorer countries, an analysis released yesterday by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) found.

That discovery is consistent with a trend observed by the environmental group for the climate submissions — known as intended nationally determined contributions, or INDCs — of a dozen forest-centric countries ahead of key U.N. climate change negotiations in Paris beginning this month.

"The DRC is a very poor country, and it has a lot of difficulties in terms of making plans and implementing them, but they did a good job in their INDC," said Doug Boucher, director of UCS's Tropical Forest and Climate Initiative.