The People Above You All Get a Cut Right?

Q: “Everyone who signs up tries to sell this stuff and the people above them all get a cut right?”

A: Not quite...

Anyone can join CCN for just a few dollars if they wish to take a look around our system and to get access to CCN Member Benefits (like discounts and more).

If you like what they see and either want to help save forests or make money helping to save forests, you can purchase an optional Business Starter Pack.

There is no obligation to do any promotion or tell anyone they bought this pack.

Some people just want to know they are helping CCN save some forests.

Some will share the CCN message with friends and business contacts because they want to promote a good cause.

Others want to earn a handsome income and realize that CCN is an ethical and moral way to make an income.

AND there is no limit as to how much you can earn.

If you have a group of people who join because of you (Direct Members), you will receive a commission to help pay for your own purchases.

If any of those people join other Members (Indirect Members) then they are connected back to you via the "network".

We call this your Team.

If your team keeps growing, your commissions grow. There is no limit to how big your team can grow and the flow-on commissions that can be earned.

If you earn too much, you can always re-invest in more forest protection or give your money away. That's up to you!

CCN has now been in business for over 4 years so it is well past the “look and see” stage.

All CCN information on products, services, prices and compensation are readily available so you can decide if you want to put your money on the table now or later.

And if it is not for you then that's OK too. I understand.

We don't expect everyone to join us.

But if it IS right for you, then let's get you on the Fast Track to Financial Freedom right away!