Global Success Team

Who or What is Global Success Team (GST)?

Global Success Team is a worldwide group of Direct, Online, Affiliate, Network and Social Marketing professionals sharing stories, experiences and resources so that they may find better Health, Wealth and Lifestyle. is a business resource for Global Success Team (GST) Members.

The Right People

GST was started by Glenn Bolton, a computer geek, web developer and network marketer with over 25 years of online and offline marketing experience.

Glenn's skills as a sales and marketing professional have been used by a number of network and direct marketing companies. Glenn has run education and training seminars (both live and online) and sold videos and audios of them throughout the world.

The Right Business Model

Global Success Team Members have learned that Network Marketing (NWM) is the best way to move products and services into the market.

As such GST focuses on strategies, methods and systems to support Affiliate, Social Media, Multi-Level and Network Marketing.

The Right Company

Global Success Team (GST) is highly selective about who we partner with to to create our our financial cashflow.


Well there's an abundance of successful companies to choose from but only a few "tick all the boxes".

After more than 20 years of analysis, Glenn created the Ultimate Business Checklist which he calls the Seven Pillars of Business.

Does YOUR business satisfy ALL of the Seven Pillars?

Get just ONE pillar wrong and your opportunity will eventually fail. Either quickly or slowly. It WILL happen. It will be just a matter of time.

The Right Systems

Glenn has also developed a simple but effective Funnel Marketing system called SupaClix.

It is an extremely useful tool to minimize your marketing time and expense and maximize your financial returns. That way you have more time for the lifestyle.

The Right Support

Simply register your details then share with everyone you know. Let the system do the "heavy lifting" for you.

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