Conservation Central Network

CCN Shows You How to Save the Rainforests, Make Heaps of Money and Feel Good Telling Your Friends About It!

Have you ever wanted an inside run on a sure bet?

Well here it is…

Conservation Central Network (CCN) is a revolutionary global business that provides anyone with the opportunity to be directly involved in the new GREEN economy.

The CCN system was created as a means for individuals  and organizations around the world to participate in the worldwide protection and the long-term preservation of our precious forests and mangroves, while also supporting the indigenous communities that live within them.

To achieve this CCN secures large areas of virgin forest and woodlands and works directly with local indigenous peoples, land owners and governments to help protect the forests by applying the company’s unique conservation system.

CCN and its partners also manage all the sourcing and vetting of the forest projects using Land Economic Management Agreements (LEMAs) ratified by the UN (REDD, REDD+), governments and forest management organizations.

Every time you make a Conservation Hectare purchase, or introduce new people to the CCN program who also make a purchase, CCN puts a huge chunk of all these revenues directly back into our selected forest project areas and the surrounding local indigenous communities.

CCN use an innovative rewards system through social marketing network methodology to generate bonuses and incentives so that those CCN members making a contribution can benefit from their own direct efforts and from the efforts of those they introduce in helping protect our world’s precious forests.

And here is a world first.

CCN has also just launched their Little Green Token. LGTs are a unique crypto-currency based on the same security technology as Bitcoin.

Because LGTs are unique in the world (each LGT is essentially asset-backed by a Hectare of forest) they will increase in value over time. They can be exchanged for goods and services at participating organizations, making them an effective, globally-tradeable currency.

LGTs allow a member to TRADE in forest protection. By purchasing additional LGTs  and more hectares of forest will be protected and you can make even more money in the process.

Get your LGTs now and Get PAID to SAVE Forests!

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