CCN Fast Track

How to Earn $204,960 in Your First 12 Weeks or Less with CCN

The Fast Track to Freedom (FTTF) shows how simple it could be when you understand business growth using geometric progression (2 x 2 x 2 x 2 etc)

The process works by teaching each and every new eCo-Pro Distributor to personally find and register (at least) TWO Super eCo-Pro Distributors in their first week.

When this simple logic is taught to all new  distributors it will lead to the doubling of their own CCN business every week.

Please read our Income Disclaimer and understand that this is just a projection of what could happen if you follow the steps. It is not a guarantee of income.

Following the Steps to Success using  SupaClix, Inviting and Following Up

Month 1

  • Find and Register TWO Super eCo-Pro Distributors in your first week (using the SupaClix System)
  • Help your two Super eCo-Pro Distributors register THEIR TWO Super eCo-Pro Distributors in THEIR first week
  • Now you have your TWO and their FOUR
  • That’s a team of SIX in just two weeks!
  • And you just earned $210 from the 2-Level Startup Bonus
  • Now teach YOUR TWO how to help THEIR FOUR to each register THEIR TWO in their first week
  • That’s an additional EIGHT new Super eCo-Pro Distributors in your team
  • Now your TEAM has grown to FOURTEEN distributors in 3 weeks!
  • And your two personally sponsored distributors each have a team of SIX
  • They are just one step behind you in income earning potential
  • Now assist YOUR TWO to teach their two to help their two to register their two
  • You have now built a team of 30 distributors
  • And you have earned $960!
  • That’s more than the cost of your Super eCoPro Starter Pack
  • And it took you only 4 weeks!

Month 2

  • And you only needed to find TWO interested friends in your first week
  • And THEY only needed to find two of THEIR friends
  • Keep up this 2 get 2 process and you can make another $12,000 in the next 4 weeks!

Month 3

  • Keep teaching EVERY new Super eCo-Pro to register 2 distributors in their first week
  • By the end of only 12 weeks you have built a team of over 4,000 distributors
  • You have earned a total of $204,960!

And Remember…

  • You only needed to find TWO interested friends in your first week
  • Those two personally sponsored friends each have teams over 2000
  • And they have each earned $102,560!
  • And there’s another couple of bonuses that you also get (which will make you even happier)

It Doesn’t Stop There

Because of the energy and process you have built, the excitement in your team never slows down and your income keeps increasing without you having to drive it.

If you have big dreams you can either push it harder and keep building or you can go on a holiday.

And remember… your first two friends are just one month behind you in income, so you can go on holidays together.

Sounds Simple Doesn’t It?

Most people will say that this is not possible.

Probably because they have never experienced it or ever seen it done.

Well, it IS possible. And it HAS been done before.

You just have to believe that it IS possible and that YOU want to do it.

You MUST, however, teach everyone to follow the system so it CAN happen.

Can I Go Slower?


You can go at whatever pace suits you.

But I will tell you, making money fast is more fun than making it slow.

What if the Fast Track to Riches only doubled MONTHLY?

Well, then instead of earning over $200,000 in 12 weeks it would take you a YEAR.

I can’t be certain here, but I reckon that another $204,000 would make quite a difference to YOUR life and the life of your family.

Not Fast Enough?

What if you were a real gun and duplicated DAILY?

That means each (doubling) step took only one DAY and not one WEEK?

Work really hard for just 12 days and take the rest of your life off!

Can I Sponsor More Than Two People?

Of course you can.

You will simply make more money.

And so will your team.

Because they will get all your distributors in THEIR teams too.

If YOU do more then your team tends to do more.

Why not teach everyone in your team to sponsor 4, 6, 10 or more, each?

Then everyone in your team makes more money faster

Not Into Making Lots of Money?

Well, I guess you are on the wrong page here.

But if you are passionate about saving forests then the more money you make, the more forest gets protected.

However, you must always be ready to succeed when it happens to you.

Making Too Much Money?

If you make too much money you can always re-invest (purchase more LGTs), thereby saving more hectares of forest.

Or you can give it all away to your favourite charity.

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