CCN Steps to Success

Success Breeds Success

  • EVERY business requires an investment of money, time and effort. Don’t waste any of it.
  • Start right away to get immediate results.
  • Following these steps is ESSENTIAL to your success.
  • Allow about an hour to do every step. Return here if you do not complete them in one go.
  • You are not officially started in the business  until you have completed ALL the steps .
  • If you are unsure of anything then contact your sponsor or upline.

Let’s get started then…

Join CCN

Register with

  • Done! (you would not be here if you hadn’t)

Review Your Associate Website

Connect with GST & CCN on Facebook

Connect with GST & CCN on Twitter

 Connect with GST & CCN on YouTube

Register with the CCN Blog

Setup Your SupaClix Funnel Marketing System

Start Marketing Immediately

Only Three Options

There are only 3 options after your prospect has reviewed the information on your site:

  • Do Something NOW – Get them started right away.
  • Do Something LATER – Ask questions! What do they need to learn? 
  • Do Nothing – Thanks for your interest… Bye!

All You Need Is Two

  • All you need to start earning a Multi-Match income is to sponsor TWO eCo-Pro Distributors (or higher).
  • ONE on your LEFT leg and ONE on your RIGHT leg.
  • If you get more then that’s a good thing. (only 20 personal distributors for maximum commissions)
  • Teach every new CCN Distributor to register THEIR two (Super) eCo-Pro Distributors immediately.
  • Do it in your first week or first few days and watch your CCN business EXPLODE!

Do NOT Prejudge Anyone

  • Work only with those who are interested.
  • Follow your upline’s guidance.
  • Don’t try to re-invent the wheel! It will make your life harder.
  • Use the systems, tools and resources on this site. They have been shown to work.

Use Your Sponsor and Upline

Apprentice yourself to your sponsor and upline. They have the interest and experience to make you successful.

They ONLY make money when YOU make money.

  • Call them
  • Email them
  • Text them
  • Skype them
  • Visit them

Call at least your SIX immediate upline eCo-Pro Distributors and introduce yourself. If you do not have their contact details then make sure your sponsor gets them to you right away.

Tell them WHY you have chosen to join CCN and what your dreams and aspirations are. That way they have YOUR interests in mind when you contact them for assistance.

Use The System

  • Follow the system. Duplicate what works.
  • Don’t say to yourself (or your upline) “I want to do it my way”. You will most likely fail and get no help.
  • Create a decent passive income first, (say, over $1000/mth) 
  • Experiment with new marketing or business ideas only after you are making good money.
  • Systems are there because they have been tested to work.
  • Don’t try to “re-invent the wheel”

Learn As You Earn

  • DO NOT expect to know everything right away.
  • You will learn the business strategy as you go.
  • Use this website to learn the right way to do things.
  • Learn from the success of others who have gone before.
  • Share your successes (and even your defeats). It creates resilience.
  • DO NOT expect immediate riches unless you put in the work. 
  • You CAN, however, make quick income if you do everything right.
  • Slow and steady is OK and a great way to make an income for most people
  • Fast is more fun!

Get On the Fast Track

Can you imagine earning over $204,000 in just 12 months

Maybe you want to do it faster? In 12 weeks? What about 12 days?

Anything is possible when you follow our Fast Track To Freedom (FTTF) program.

There are no income guarantees. It DOES require work. And you MUST make sales and bring in CUSTOMERS.

To make it happen you must be willing to dedicate a few hours a day for a few short weeks to kick it into gear.

But in the end it will all be worthwhile.

Building Your CCN Business

Visit the Building Your Business and Advanced Marketing pages to learn how to make a some-time, part-time, full-time or crazy-money passive income while helping others and having a great time.

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